Birdos Freeride Skis
Laminating skis  //  Photo: © Bernard van Dierendonck
Tip spacer  //  Photo: © Bernard van Dierendonck
Quality control  //  Photo: © Bernard van Dierendonck
Fitting the edges  //  Photo: © Bernard van Dierendonck
Preparing the bases  // Photo: © Bernard van Dierendonck
Sidewall / edge detail

Local Production, Born in Andermatt CH

We operate from our small workshop nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Outside our workshop door lies some of the best freeride skiing in the world. Sixty years ago all skis were produced in local carpentries, built in small numbers for the region. We bring ski production back to its roots by producing skis in the Swiss Alps. All our supplies are sourced as locally as possible. The wood in the cores is a local species, harvested near the mill where it is fabricated into the core blocks. The steel edges come from a mill just over the Swiss border that has been producing for the ski industry for 50+ years. We bring balance to a tourist town, providing jobs for dedicated freeriders, and helping to create a sustainable, local economy.