Birdos Freeride Skis

Fall of 2003 - I was banging nails in Massachusetts to save just enough money for a season in Europe. I was in serious need of some new planks, but buying new skis was out of the question. Slowly the idea of constructing my own skis began to creep into my mind.  With experience in boat building and carpentry, and with a well equipped workshop in my parent’s basement, I felt up to the job. The first skis were big and inverse.  I headed off for Europe with 2 monstrous pairs of skis, no plan where to go, and one big mission to find the best riding the Alps had to offer.

In Europe I landed in Andermatt, Switzerland. The mountains were inspiring, it snowed and snowed, I had found my place. The first ride on my new skis gave me a feeling and satisfaction I had never experienced before.  The performance in powder was beyond anything I had dreamed.  At first people were shocked by the skis, but after a few runs in powder their disbelief faded and people began to ask where they could get some of the "Birdos" skis. Suddenly the gears began to turn in my head. Was it possible? Could I produce skis, live in the Alps and ski everyday?

Returning to the Alps in October 2004 I was immediately faced with the impossibility of producing skis in Switzerland as an American. Just when I was ready to abandon all hope I met Heidi, the local ex-ski racer turned Freeride Queen. We shared the vision to live in the mountains and squeak out a living building skis. Heidi founded the business herself and we were off.  We bought a proper ski press, located all our suppliers, and began pressing skis. Dreams are never as easy as they seem, it’s been a long difficult path to follow, but in the end we get our big days, live in a beautiful mountain valley, and most of all we have the satisfaction of fulfilling our dreams.

Birdos Ski #00002

One of the original 2 pairs of Birdos produced in 2003 for a big season in the Swiss Alps. A little rough, but getting the job done in fine style.