Birdos Freeride Skis
The Bird Shop in Andermatt
Rider: Sam Alinski  //  Photo: © A. Weise/factum  // Spot: Gemsstock
Dan and Heidi at the factory in Andermatt
Rider: Sam Alinski  //  Photo: © A. Weise/factum  // Spot: Gemsstock
Rider: Heidi Gamma  //  Photo: © Bernard van Dierendonck  //  Spot: Gemsstock
Andermatt in the heart of the swiss alps


Birdos was born from the passion of freeride. Our mission is to create the best freeride skis possible – no compromise. We live in the mountains, riding nearly every day. From fast lines on big faces, to long alpine tours, to exploring secret couloirs, you’ll find us there with big smiles. Freeride, telemark, jibbing, touring, we love all kinds of skiing. Our inspiration comes from the mountains, directly to the workshop.


Well built skis ride better and last longer. By combining the best materials, fine craftsmanship, and years of experience we produce exceptional quality hand-built freeride skis. We never sacrifice materials or workmanship to make our production cheaper. From using only straight grained massive wood strips in the core, to letting every ski cool in the press, we pay attention the details required for a truly fine crafted ski. We expect years of service out of our skis, without ever getting the “dead” feeling common to mass produced skis.

Custom Built

Custom built skis create a special connection between the rider and their equipment. We work personally with every customer, finding the best solution for their riding style. From the technical construction to the topsheet designs, we consider every detail. In the end we provide a ski with no compromises, a ski that is tailored to the rider, closing the gap between the production and the customer.