Birdos Freeride Skis

Work together with Birdos to find the perfect ski without compromise. 

We take every detail of your skiing style and physique into account as we work to find the best solution for you.

Some aspects to consider are:


- Length, Width, Radius, Taper.


- Overall stiffness of the ski.

Flex Pattern

- How stiff the tip and tail is relative to the center of the ski.


- The materials used to construct the ski.


- Unlimited possibilities from an aggressive standard camber to full inverse.

Topsheet Design

- Work with us to create a topsheet or supply your own individual topsheet design.

Come ski with us and test our skis for a day.  While skiing together we can discuss the different construction possibilities and better understand your needs.

CHF 2'100.--

(Exkl. binding & shipping)

custom built