Birdos Freeride Skis

A versatile camber for both soft and harder snow conditions. Light tip and tail rocker combined with a longer flat section under foot. A smooth feeling ski, with an even flex, responding well to pressure in the turns, as well as floating in the soft snow. Recommended for variable conditions, from soft powder to harder couloirs. Also excellent for skinning with a larger contact area under foot.

Camber: Light Rocker

Medium is the best for all around riding.

Stiffness: Medium

- All around performance. The ski flexes in a smooth arc from tip to tail. Round flex is the traditional ski feel, providing excellent edge hold along the entire ski, and a very smooth and predictable turn. The more you press the ski the more it bends giving you excellent control throughout the turn. Generally recommended for all around riding.

Flex Pattern: Round Flex

Laminate: Standard - All Mountain

Fiberglas combined with just the right amount of carbon to provide a lively yet damp ski. A great balance between stability and response, in a medium weight.

Tail: Full Twin

Funky Monkey Standard

Funky Monkey by Birdos Freeride Skis

Freeride mischief

in all conditions.

85% off piste.

138 / 107 / 128 mm

Radius: 17 m


171 / 181 / 191 cm

Light Rocker by Birdos Freerideskis