Birdos Freeride Skis

Flat camber under foot, inverse tip and tail. For 95 % powder, excellent flotation, stability, and maneuverability. Flat section under foot provides edge contact, and gives the ski a “traditional” feel and stability on harder snow when needed.

Camber: Full Rocker

Medium is the best for all around riding.

Stiffness: Medium

- All around performance. The ski flexes in a smooth arc from tip to tail. Round flex is the traditional ski feel, providing excellent edge hold along the entire ski, and a very smooth and predictable turn. The more you press the ski the more it bends giving you excellent control throughout the turn. Generally recommended for all around riding.

Flex Pattern: Round Flex

Laminate: Standard - All Mountain

Fiberglas combined with just the right amount of carbon to provide a lively yet damp ski. A great balance between stability and response, in a medium weight.

Tail: Full Twin

Puder Luder Standard

Big Mountain,


BC Jibbing.

95% off piste.

149 / 123 / 139 mm

radius: 24.5 m


171 / 181 / 191 cm

Puder Luder